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Princess Diana Exhibition

For the first time, world-famous royal photographers (Anwar Hussein and his two sons Zak and Samir) share their experiences with the iconic princess and her family.

Princess Diana, by most accounts, is the most photographed human in history. She grew up in the public eye. One of the people that was there capturing the biggest and most important moments was Royal Photographer Anwar Hussein. Later, his sons Zak and Samir joined the family business.

This Princess Diana exhibit will be told from their perspective: what they heard, what they saw, what they witnessed first-hand will all be shared. This is not a story you have heard before. Whether you are a hard-core fan or new to her legacy, you will be blown away by the fascinating depth and detail shared by the Hussein family.

Time slots are available every 15 minutes and the visit will take around 60-90 minutes.

*Please try to find parking at the lot next to the Seasons 52 restaurant and Macy’s.

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